Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3 - What's off my needles!

I finally managed to take some pictures of the completed knitting project I made for my friend in Germany's baby boy. This is baby #6 for her and her 5th boy! As always I'm horrible about mailing things so I've had this ready for a month and haven't mailed it out. It's going out in the mail on Monday for sure. I just hope it still fits him by the time it gets to them.

I made a One Piece Baby Kimono from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book in Crystal Palace Bunny Hop Size 7 needles.

Finished set for my friend's baby

The "Bunny Tails" hat by Susan B. Anderson also in the Crystal Palace Bunny Hop.

Bunny Hat

And Saartje's Bootees in the same Bunny Hop yarn. These were my first ever pair of booties and I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Finished booties

Currently I'm working on a Debbie Bliss Pinafore dress for my niece.

Tonight I'm off to the Opening Night of the I Puritani with my parents!

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Gardner said...

Wow, that's a cute little outfit.