Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Post a Day in May

So my goal is to post every day in May. What's been going around in my head though, is what exactly should I post?? Since this is my "Heidi @ Home" blog, I've been thinking about posting about my house and household and what I'm working on. I've been on a huge organizing, cleaning, decluttering kick for a few months already. Believe me, there is always more to do in that department, but I'm feeling like I'm really making some real headway. About the only things I'm feeling frustrated about are the things I really can't do myself, but need Michael's help with. I think I really, really need to revisit the whole idea of a "Honey Do List" as I think that actually works better for my husband than just asking. If it's in writing and is something he can physically cross off, I think that he'd respond better.

Another motivator for me is that we are actually seriously considering moving if the right house (and at the right price) comes up for sale. We actually love our home very much, but there are a few things we'd like to have or would like to change. We waffle back and forth on staying where we are and just remodeling and adding on and just finding something we like that already has what we want. The hard part is finding a house that has what we have now (certainly not smaller square footage wise and a nice-sized, private yard), as well as, all the additional features we wish we had in this home --either a den or an extra bedroom to use as an office, a three car garage, an updated kitchen and/or a nice bonus room for the children. If I'm honest, I'd also really, really, really like for the main living space (kitchen & family room) to be southern facing. With all the overcast days we have here, I'd love a sunny space where I spend the majority of my time. I love how the sun comes into our living room and dining rooms (currently the playroom), but we really don't spend much time in those rooms; and while those rooms are light and bright, I need to turn lights on in my kitchen on even the brightest summer days.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate what I mean:


I love how the sun comes into our living room, unfortunately we don't do a lot of "living" in there.
And this is my kitchen. See how dark it is? I always have to have lights on even in summer.

So, we're still looking around and weighing options. I'll keep you posted.

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